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About Georgetown Harmony Homes

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Georgetown Harmony Homes provides quality, affordable Christian home environments for adults experiencing developmental disabilities. Currently GHH has two homes in the Georgetown area and serves 12 individuals in those homes.

Our Aim:

  • Work with the community to provide opportunities to use individual God-given gifts.
  • Assist the residents of our homes to become active and valued members of a neighborhood.
  • Provide a warm atmosphere of Christian love and mutual respect for our home members.
  • Offer an opportunity for individuals experiencing developmental disabilities to experience spiritual, social, developmental, occupational, and financial interdependence.

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Board Members

    • John Anderson
    • Lois Knooihuizen
    • Jennifer Kolenda
    • Rick Kosla
    • Ruth Schimmel
    • Tammy Schnyders
    • Joe Smaby
    • Tom VanOverloop
    • Adam Westmaas