About Georgetown Harmony Homes

Georgetown Harmony Homes (GHH) is an organization dedicated to providing quality Christian homes and services for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Currently, we have four AFC licensed homes located in Eastern Ottawa County. Each home is designed to meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of its residents. Dedicated Home Managers and Weekend Caregivers are responsible for the development of each person’s well-being. We strive to facilitate an “open heart, open home” atmosphere dedicated to caring, loving, and serving each other and our community.

Our Aim:

Work with the community to provide opportunities to use individual God-given gifts. 


  • Assist the residents of our homes to become active and valued members of a neighborhood.
  • Provide a warm atmosphere of Christian love and mutual respect for our residents.
  • Offer an opportunity for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to experience spiritual, social, developmental, occupational, and financial interdependence. 

How we meet the goals:

  • We personalize and individualize home operations.
  • We search for effective ways to identify and grow individual giftedness.
  • We encourage and support with respect and love.
  • We assist in the practice of life skill development.
  • We provide a beautiful home setting and avenues for meaningful community engagement.

Social Justice:

A disability is not an inability to contribute to society. Our residents are vital members of the community. Thus, GHH fosters a home environment engaged in the community that empowers our residents to learn, grow, and be affirmed in their individual worth and value.

A Life of Christian Discipleship:

“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied by a single garment of destiny” (Dr. Martin Luther King). GHH understands the importance of interdependence created by acts of Christian discipleship. Our community deserves the opportunity to experience the blessing and joy of mutual relationship with our residents as they share their God-given gifts and talents through service.